Do you sing? Can you play guitar? Or perhaps other string based instruments like bass, mandolino, Portuguese guitar? If the answer is yes to at least one of those questions, read on, this app is for you!

iTab allows you to compose and play songs and tabs wherever you are, directly on your iPhone / iPod Touch; here are the main features for this application:

The tab can be played in three different fashions: without chords, chord names above text, text above a graphical representation of the chord (for each string a number indicates what fret is to be pressed)

It's possible to add new songs, either from zero or by downloading from the web a zip file containing one or more ChordPro files. You can use free services like DropBox ( ) to upload your files.

Add new instruments, specifying number of strings and tuning (i.e. something else than E-A-D-G-B-E). Not everyone plays guitar, or even the standard tuning!

It's of course possible to add new chords

iTab can automatically transpose song chords, to "raise" or "lower" a song without actually editing it

iTab automatically scrolls the song, so you can play your instrument without worrying about it. You can change scrolling speed of course

You can choose a color scheme (light foreground / dark background or the other way around)

Do you want to see your own tablatures on iTab? Send them to us and we'll include them in the next version!

For copyright reasons the songbook is initially shipped with a selection of popular songs.

iTab support is offered in English and Italian.




The virtual songbook