Introducing Jacques Sniffeur & Stella Thompson's Mystery Files Club: “La Dolce Vita”

Innumerable detective cases, randomly generated but always intriguing, which need both brains and skills to be solved.

UPDATE: Click here to see some videos of the game

Jacques and Stella belong to the Mystery Files Club, an exclusive circle that admits among its  ranks only the greatest minds. Getting noticed is not easy, therefore our heroes are on a journey to Italy in search of glory and it's up to you to help them be up to the task.

At the beginning of each game your iPhone  (iPod) generates a new case with ever changing people, relationships, objects. There is one constant though: to find the murderer is not a matter of chance, you'll need to think and act with a steady hand.

You'll find that some people have a motive, some have an object that could be the murder weapon, while others were on the crime scene, but only one has all these things simultaneously: the murderer. Find him!

Every time you interview a suspect and also when examining bits of evidence, you'll be presented with a challenge in the form of a minigame. Solve it and the clue will be yours; fail and you'll only lose time. Yes, because time is in short supply – most probably you will still find the culprit, but the final score will also take account of how quickly you solved the case.

The minigames are divided into three categories: action, observation and memory. A total of nine challenges await you and range from landing spacecrafts to reconstruct the face of a suspect, and many others. Individual categories of minigames can be selectively turned off.

To help you with your tasks the police gave you a PDA, a small handheld computer with six applications that will track your progress and will show new clues as you bring them to light. Sounds too complicated? Don't worry: the PDA comes with an inline, context-sensitive help system!

In addition to the detective cases, “Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club” features various game modes based on challenges: choose a game, play a random game, last game played and "Score Attack!", a mode where your iPhone (iPod) will introduce you to all the minigames at an ever increasing difficulty, until you ultimately fail.

More features!

-separate leaderboards for the main game, for “Score Attack!” and for each minigame, both offline and online!

-Thanks to OpenFeint support it's possible to keep track of your friends' progresses with the game, to chat with them, to see which other games they're playing (OpenFeint is used by many other iPhone games).

-Achievements! Each case score will be decided basing on time and on what you've found, but that does not mean only the murderer and the weapon.

  1. -Automatically publish your progress on Twitter and Facebook (facultative)

Do you think you're a good enough detective? Prove it, with “Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club”!