Jacques & Stella Mystery Files Club: the videos!

Here are a few videos from the game.

The first video shows a quick case. It doesn’t end well, since the player didn’t fetch much evidence (and didn’t analyse much of it, either). All in all a lousy job, but a decent showcase for J&S Myster Files Club User Interface, dialogs, microgames.

Other than the main case, J&S Myster Files Club has many more game modes to offer. Here we see a simple “Score Attack!” session. Please note that this video was shot using the simulator, which is slower than actual hardware, plus it does show erratic behaviour which is not present in the final copy of the game. In fact it’s a rather disappointing piece of software (the simulator, not the game of course!), but developers have to cope with this and even worse problems while developing their gems. Oh well!

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