Parvum Draco - Your Little RPG Helper

Developed by players for players, Parvum Draco is an easy to use app, with a focused features set for RPG Players and Dungeon Masters alike. And it's cheap to boot!

We know that no respectable player would like to be caught dead without their dice or character sheet, but we also know that you're terribly absent-minded so we thought it would be cool if we put the essentials to play wherever, whenever, into your iPhone (but also iPod, iPad and, if they'll make them, also iPid, iPed and iPud)

All this using an enjoyable user interface that will not make you go mad, promised!

Features in short:

Roll that die!

- quickly roll one or more dice, e.g. 3d6+2

- Have a look at the single die throws with a click

Manage a dice combo into presets!

- save a dice combo into presets, e.g. 2d6+1, 1d4

- you can put each preset into its down category, e.g. "Lev.#1 Monsters - Smelly Mildew - Stun Attack"

- Quickly browse through categories to launch presets without wasting time (we always think of you, Master)

Take note!

- Use the bloc notes to create documents about stats, game notes, elven grocery lists or whatever you need to keep track of. NB the integrated bloc notes can always be reached with one click, without closing the app. Quite convenient.

- name your notes and they will be ordered alphabetically

- mail your notes

Very important: thanks to Parvum Draco support of iOS4, the program internal state is always saved, so you can exit your app and return to the very same think you were doing when you re-open it.

Roll a d20 die. If you roll 1 or more, then you must buy Parvum Draco!